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our story

Papa Ron's Pizza was establised in the year of 2000 under the management of PT. Eatertainment Indonesia. We opened 26 outlets in all over Indonesia which 7 of it are located in Jabodetabek. We are also going to expand our business by opening new outlets in Jakarta and others big city in Indonesia.


Our concept is a Family Dining Restaurant that targeted childen - adult. We made our dough everyday to keep it fresh and to maintain the quality. That leads us to get rewarded by a local daily newspaper Jakarta Post as "The Best Tasting Pizza" restaurant and earned the 3rd place best rating on customer satisfaction in a survey conducted by SWA Magazine.


As disclosed by Drs. Anang Sukandar, Chairman of the Franchise Associations of Indonesia that Papa Ron's Pizza is one of the national franchise company that are able to compete with the international franchise company, the government provide an opportunity for us to be a part of the National Export Development Exhibitions conducted by the government for 3 consecutive years in Singapore and Beijing, China.

We have 4 Pizza categories for you to choose. The first one called Papa's Pizza, it's a two toppings pizza. The second one called Loaded To The Max Pizza, where all of our favourite pizza ready to be chosen by you. The third one is the Premium Pizza, for you who loves steak you now you can have a steak as your pizza topping! And for the last one, we have our signature Godzilla Pizza, a pizza with 50 cm diameter is best for you who come with your group of friend.

Other than pizza, we can also find Calzone, Pasta, Steak, Salad, and some Indonesian food as well such as Soto Ayam, Sop Iga, Nasi Goreng, and some other delicious as well in our place. We also have Spaghetti Sambal Ijo and Pizza Sambel Ijo as our fusion, thats a must try in our place.

Your favourite food is not here? Don't worry! In order to meet our customer's taste and expectations, we always try to create a new delicious and innovative menu with the best quality. Apart from that, as we believe "Customer is The King", we are also open with criticism, in fact, we'd love to hear your feedback!


So, do not hesitate to contact us to share your experience with us.